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How Home Renovation Can Impact the Re-sale Value of Your House in Omaha?


Experiencing the satisfaction of a rejuvenated and renovated home brings immense pride to its owner. That’s why homeowners are investing considerable time, effort, and money in home renovation projects nowadays. According to Build fax, a housing data and analytics company, remodeling expenditures have surged by over 40% compared to the previous year.

Undoubtedly, home improvements can be expensive endeavors. However, certain renovations are worth the investment, especially if you aim to increase your home’s value or prepare it for resale.

Promising Areas for Renovation

The kitchen serves as the ultimate gathering space where families come together to prepare meals and guests engage in conversations over a glass of wine.

Real estate professionals often emphasize the kitchen as one of the top areas for homeowners to achieve a high return on investment through renovations. 

Updating outdated appliances and cabinet styles are common modernization needs in kitchens. According to Remodeling Magazine, an average kitchen remodel in 2021 costs $26,214 but adds nearly $19,000 to a home’s value, which is about 72% of the investment. 

To optimize the return on investment, the publication suggests replacing the fronts of the kitchen cabinets while retaining the existing cabinet boxes.

This approach provides a significant visual impact while keeping costs down. Other Home renovation that offer high ROI include replacing laminate countertops and installing new, durable flooring.

However, not all kitchen improvements require major overhauls. Minor, aesthetic alterations such as eliminating obsolete backsplashes, upgrading cabinet hardware, or giving cabinet doors and drawers a new coat of paint can also yield positive results.

When it comes to resale value, an outdated bathroom can be perceived as a major project for potential homebuyers. Minimizing the work required by buyers can increase your home’s value. Simple, budget-friendly updates like scratch-free floors, freshly painted walls, and well-maintained bathtubs and showers can create a remarkable impression. 

According to Remodeling Magazine, a new bathroom costing $49,598 can potentially raise a home’s value by $26,807, representing 54% of the investment. Additionally, a new bathroom offers comfort and convenience for your family beyond the monetary value it adds.

While each home renovation project contributes varying levels of value. It’s crucial to remember that appraisers assess the overall property rather than individual components. They consider factors such as the condition, quality of materials, and floor plan. 

For instance, hardwood floors are typically appraised higher than vinyl, and open-concept living spaces often receive favorable evaluations. Appraisers also consider functional aspects like bathroom accessibility.

Enhancing Curb Appeal

Creating a positive first impression is vital, and even a stunning interior can be overshadowed by an unattractive landscape. Fortunately, boosting your home’s curb appeal doesn’t have to be excessively costly. 

Simple ideas like installing a new brick or stone walkway leading to the front door or setting up. An outdoor seating area with cafe chairs and a small table can make a significant difference.

The front door, as a focal point, can be enhanced with a fresh coat of bold paint at a reasonable price. Even minor changes like adding dark mulch to flower beds beneath the front windows can create a more inviting atmosphere.

Your Personal Oasis

A visually appealing outdoor living space in the backyard is highly sought after by potential homebuyers. While a well-designed backyard contributes to resale value, it also holds significant personal value for you and your family. 

Applying a fresh coat of stain to an outdoor deck or adding flower boxes and potted plants to a small outdoor balcony can enhance your home’s value. While providing new opportunities for your family to enjoy their living space.

A Productive Workspace

With the increase in remote work, a functional workspace within your home can impact its value. Although having dedicated spaces like a home office is highly desirable. It’s worth considering the flexibility of remote work that can be done from anywhere. 

Creating a functional workspace doesn’t always necessitate a complete room; even a small corner in the living room or guest bedroom can fulfill the purpose effectively.

Renovating your home office area is a popular trend, and it can even be organized. The work area on the kitchen island or a lucky back porch space, according to interior designer Katie Lambert.

Streamlining and Efficiency

Sometimes, enhancing a home’s value involves removing unnecessary elements rather than adding new ones. Whether it’s tearing down old wallpaper or eliminating an impractical island. Streamlining the floor plan and making the space more efficient can be valuable.


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